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Judge Shows That Some Workers Are NOT More Equal Than Others

You Are Fired 

There was an important article in today’s East Valley Tribune about the recent layoffs of government employees because of the severe financial constraints that we are experiencing.  Maricopa County Superior Court Judge Andrew Klein ruled on Monday that the union request to reinstate workers let go due to the state financial issues and to halt future layoffs has been denied allowing for the firings to stand and the layoffs — should they be necessary — to continue.

Klein, in his opinion said that the agencies “did their best to make informed, good faith decisions as to which employees had to be let go.’’  According to the article, this does not resolve the issue as there is still litigation that is ongoing to test whether the firings were legal.

However, the biggest news of this article was not necessarily the decision of the court but that the true intentions of the union appeared.  The state director of Service Employees International Union (SEIU) Scott Washburn had this to say after the ruling when asked about the union’s next move:

“We don’t have a friend in the governor, we don’t have friends in the Legislature,’’ he said. Washburn said the ultimate solution would be to “change the politicalSEIU Logo makeup’’ of state government.

“The people that are running it now are ideologically opposed to government,’’ Washburn said. “And the people that we represent work for government.’’

The dirty little secret is what is buried within this comment.  To SEIU, this is about growing big government, growing the number of members to their union, and ultimately growing the amount of money and power of the SEIU.  This had little to do with what is best for Arizona taxpayers who are stuck footing the bill.

In his comments, we also see what the intended plan is for 2010 election cycle.  The governor and the legislature are now in the crosshairs of the unions who will do everything that they can to steal away the power from the taxpayers and the elected officials that we put in office so that the SEIU can pad their pockets with more union dues and big government jobs.  It is up to us to maintain our pressure and beat back the unions from getting established within Arizona state government.

Huge Victory for Joe and Judy Taxpayer

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Late on Thursday afternoon, Governor Brewer issued a very important executive order to Arizona taxpayers.  The order reaffirmed Arizona as a “Right to Work” state.  Governor Brewer rightly pointed out:

“It was long ago decided by the citizens of Arizona to provide protection in the Arizona Constitution to ensure the freedom of workers to choose whether to join and participate in a union.”

Governor Brewer is referring to Article 25 of the Arizona Constitution:Governor Jan Brewer

Right to work or employment without membership in labor organization

No person shall be denied the opportunity to obtain or retain employment because of non-membership in a labor organization, nor shall the State or any subdivision thereof, or any corporation, individual or association of any kind enter into any agreement, written or oral, which excludes any person from employment or continuation of employment because of non-membership in a labor organization.

Governor Brewer takes it one step further in her press release to talk about the “meet and confer” order that former Governor Napolitano issued in December allowing for executive-level public employees to meet with a third party representative (union delegate) to represent their grievances, concerns, and complaints to department heads.  This move essentially primed the pump for public employee union organizing within state government.

“The establishment late last year of a broad meet and confer process for all of state government, without public discourse or legislative policy discussion, unnecessarily exposes the state to legal claims and conflicts with Arizona’s right to work laws,” according to Governor Brewer’s press release.

AIA LogoArizonans In Action, who led the charge against this executive order issued by Napolitano in the waning days of her administration, responded to the news and had this to say:

“This is a great day for the taxpayers of Arizona… We know Governor Brewer saw that this issue was important to Arizonans, felt the support of our members, and was able to come to a decision reaffirming Arizona as a right to work state,” said Nathan Nascimento, Executive Director.

Nascimento continued,

“Governor Brewer, by rescinding this order, has protected the rights of state workers, preserved the voice of the taxpayers, and restored honor and integrity back to the office of governor.”

This statement comes on the heels of a the reminder that Arizonans In Action sent to Governor Brewer just days before her order.

Governor Brewer should be thanked for standing up to the strong arm tactics of the unions and looking out for Joe and Judy Taxpayer.