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Basha’s Fights Back









Bashas’ Supermarket Chain sent out a mailer this week to correct the inaccuracies being spread by the United Food and Commercial Workers Union who have sent out mailers of there own throughout the metro Phoenix area.  The UFCW mailing claimed health and safety violations in the Bashas’ supermarkets as well as citing issues on how they treat their workers.  UFCW spokesman Corey Owens said:

“The union is not interested in any way in destroying Bashas’.  We just think they have a responsibility to their workers.”

Hmm, that is a funny remark, considering the hit pieces that they put out to ruin Bashas’ reputation. [NOTE: we are working on posting copies of the mailings.  As soon as we have them, we will put them up.]  In fact, Mr. Owens lets the inside secret leak out a bit:

“The reality is they’re one of the biggest corporations in Arizona, and they act like it.”

The biggest issue that the UFCW has with Bashas’ is that it is a company that provides goods and services in exchange for payment from their customers.  In other words, Bashas’ is interested in making money and the UFCW believes that everyone should be making the same amount of money regardless of their position as warehouse worker or CEO of the corporation.  They want an equal distribution of wealth amongst all of the workers.

Spokeswoman for Bashas’ Supermarkets Kristy Nied when asked about the Bashas’ mailing said:

I think it pretty much has everything that we wanted to get out there in terms of the truth and the facts.”

We will keep an eye on this story and report back on any developments.