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Keeping Tabs on Socialized Medicine


This morning I received an email from Campaign For Liberty which featured a piece by Dr. and Congressman Ron Paul on the uptick in activity to promote socialized medicine, commonly known as universal healthcare.

paulRon Paul is a OB/GYN with well over 30 years of experience in medicine and has keen insights on how government has crept its way into healthcare — for the worse.  He proposes a couple of bills that we should pass to protect us from an even bigger government, the further erosion of our freedoms, an poorer quality healthcare because of government interventionist policies and regulations.

I encourage you to read the article Fight Government Encroachment into Health Care! (Shared via AddThis ) and leave me your thoughts.

“All Bark No Bork”

No Elephant Stampede

That about sums it up!

Wait a Minute, What?

What About the Constitution Cartoon

This is what we have to look forward to — a jurist who believes that the mission of the courts at all levels is to make law!

The question that we have is what are we going to do about it to stop this nomination?!

Reducing the Carbon Footprint


Let’s do our part for the environment by removing Nancy Pelosi!